LeoDiCaprio.it is the Italian Fanclub for Leonardo DiCaprio. Because of the high quality of its contents and frequency of updates it is now recognized as the most comprehensive and up-to-date website about Leonardo DiCaprio online. Over the past year we did our best to make this a pleasant and entertaining place for fans of Mr. DiCaprio, organizing contests and providing exclusive contents from all over the world. When faced with the decision about how to celebrate the first anniversary of our Fanclub we thought that it was about time to make a difference and exploit the website’s popularity to do some good for our planet.

We have always done our absolute best to operate in full respect of Leonardo and in complete support of the environmental campaigns he promoted, that’s why we decided to celebrate with an ultimate effort to do something concrete to protect some of the species that are currently at risk of exinction.

With the unrivaled help and lovely contributions from other devoted fans we pooled together a sum of over 100€ that we donated to WWF in the form of symbolic adoption of one Bengal Tiger and one Asian Elephant. Half of our donation will restore one hectare of grassland to increase numbers of tiger prey in Nepal’s Terai Arc to help prevent the extinction of a population of Tigers currently amounting to as few as 3,200 animals. The other half will cover project costs for one day to rehabilitate an Asian elephant back into the wild. In 1995 there were estimated to be about 25,600 to 32,750 individual Asian Elephants. More recent statistics appear not to be available at present.

We’re very proud of what we accomplished. Our donation might not change the world or save our planet but every journey begins with a small step. And most importantly this is meant to be a demonstration of how amazing and effective Leonardo’s efforts and word are, and we hope he can be taken as an example by other celebrities. Thank you, Leo!

Below is the list of all the people who donated:

  • Laura Bartoli
  • Diego Bartoli
  • Giulia Fiordisaggio
  • Giorgia Castrogiovanni
  • Daniela Gras
  • Giulia Cascella
  • Maria Cristina Longo
  • Melania Cannavacciuolo
  • Ilaria Castrogiovanni
  • Serena Loretani
  • Marcella Schiavoni
  • Arianna Francia
  • Martina V.
  • Rebecca W.
  • Simona Genovese
  • Erica T.


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